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​The Correctness Of Wearing A Life Jacket

The correctness of wearing a life jacket is related to whether the drowning person can survive.

    Let learn together adhere.

    There are many types of life jackets, and different styles of life jackets have different ways of wearing them. Our most commonly used life jacket is the vest style. This life jacket features lightweight and easy to wear,doesn't feel too bloated for us to ware.

 Before wearing the life jacket, check whether the life jacket is damaged is very important, whether the side belts on both sides, the buoyancy belt are defective and firm, whether the expiration date has passed, etc., if life jacket has no problem,we may start to ware it.

    First ,tie the sidebands on both sides according to your own body shape. Please note: This is a step that easily being skipped. It is not advisable to go directly to the body for convenience or trouble without having to fasten the sideband. . It is worth emphasizing that this sideband must tie a dead knot! why? Because of the live knot when it is subjected to external impulses and floating on the water, the pressure of the water flow can easily make the life jacket out of our body, so that the life jacket loses its meaning and cannot guarantee that the drowning person will float on the water surface. 


    Second, we wear the life jacket on the body like a vest (be careful not to wear a life jacket inside-out, make sure the reflective belt facing out). After wearing it, proceed to the second step: belt the buoyancy of the waist to the waist, pass the belt loop around the waist, and tie a life jacket knot (that is, a knot with a slip knot on both sides). The third step is to tie the buoyancy belt underneath and tie the knot tightly (note that there is a slip knot). Finally, tie the strap of the neckline (note that there is a slipknot). The life jacket is ready to be worn. There are two reflective belts on the front chest and the back of the life jacket. The life jacket has a whistle on the left shoulder side. After the distress falls into the water, the whistle can be blown. The function of the front and rear reflective belts and whistle is that the position of the drowning person can be sound and light to attract the attention of others, so that the search and rescue personnel can find the position of the drowning person, so that the probability of the drowning person being rescued can be increased. 

For your safety and the happiness of your family, please wear a life jacket when you are on board to ensure safe production.

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